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Miles and Kilo – Nintendo Switch Review

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Miles and Kilo
Release 05/07/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Take a step into the NES/Gameboy art style with Miles and Kilo. A boy and his dog flying their plane, when a monster forces their crash on a haunted island. It is your mission to gather the missing plane parts from the monsters that stole them in order to leave.

Run, stomp and throw fruit at enemies in a world that feels similar to Adventure Island for NES. When you find your dog Kilo he will pull you forward non-stop, you’re only option is to jump or attack. As enemies approach, you can hit the attack button and you will hit the oncoming baddies within range like a homing missile. For more range you can jump on enemies instead of attack. I really enjoy the coin collectables in this game, they remind me of Mario Bros when they’re stacked on blocks that also look like a nod to the game. Fruits are a weapon collectable and you can hold up to five at a time. You’re scored at the end of each level based on time, enemies killed and fruit ammo remaining. If you stomp or dodge enemies you’ll keep fruit but your overall score will be lower.


My favourite part of this game is the boss battles, it feels really good to win a part of your plane back and it gives a more rewarding objective to complete. Otherwise, the game is pretty repetitive. I wish it showed how many times you’ve failed at the end of each run.

This game is all about timing and memorization. One hit will kill you and immediately start the level over. Unlimited lives will allow the frustration to never end as you kick yourself for jumping instead of running (stupid bird). This game is full of light humour that is fun and will make you chuckle. I look forward to beating a boss to see more cutscenes. The music is great and catchy, I caught my Wife nodding her head as I played.


Final Words:

Although it’s a new game, it feels really familiar and I love the art style. For fans of NES games, this will be a great throwback to your childhood. This would be a fun game to play with a friend and pass the controller back and forth with. Playing by yourself is just pretty okay. At $7.99/£7.19 I think Kilo can wait to be found until the game is on sale. If you have an iPhone I would try it there for cheaper.



TBG Score: 6.5/10

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 05/07/2018
No. of Players: 1
Category: Arcade, Platformer
Publisher: Four Horses
Download link: eShop

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