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Battle Supremacy – Nintendo Switch Review

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Battle Supremacy
Release 02/08/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Whilst I don’t necessarily subscribe to Edwin Starr on his views of war, and how it is good for absolutely nothing, in this instance I have to concede that he is right.

War profiteers, American presidents, the movie industry and certainly the games industry, have all done pretty damn well out of a good scrap. Steven Spielberg, in particular, fills his coffers with a decent war story, Call of Duty is the most lucrative entertainment franchise in the world and Boeing, General Dynamics and Lockheed watch their shares soar when a new conflict hits the world stage. So in short Edwin Starr was actually talking shite.


Battle Supremacy, however (a port of a mobile game) is a monumental arse cake of a game. Due out 02/08/2018 this lazy port has terrible textures, repetitive music, shambolic sound effects and a control method which fails to take into account the fact that the switch has analogue controllers.

Battle Supremacy sees you as a tank commander ambling around various theatres of combat, set during World War 2. In essence, it’s a painfully slow 3rd person shooter, now I understand tanks move slowly but this takes the piss and this is the entire reason that this game sucks arse. Battles are drawn out dull affairs and maybe you could forgive the fuzzy visuals or the crappy sound but the pace of this game is slower than the extended version of Lawrence of Arabia.



Final Words:

I’ll be honest I’m not sure how many single-player campaign levels there are, I got bored after three. There is a multiplayer mode, however as the game has not yet released no one was on the servers, although I would guess that nothings going to change regarding the pace of the game, so that should be scrap also. I wasted my time so you don’t have to.



TBG Score: 2/10

Genre: Action, Sim
Players: 1-8
Publisher: Atypical Games
Release: 02/08/2018 (Switch)
Format: Mobile, Nintendo Switch

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