How Gaming Helped my Mental Health

My name is Jordan and for my first piece I wanted to write a bit about how gaming and the Nintendo Switch has helped my mental health for the better.

I have been a gamer all my life, I have owned nearly every console since the SNES and I have sunk many hours in to games for days on end. More recently though in my life I have been struggling with mental health, I left the Armed Forces due to it, everything became harder – getting out of bed, personal hygiene, going out with friends and the list is endless. One thing that really hit me hard was my ability to sink a few hours in to a game, concentration became the hardest thing ever and something simple like a game of CoD or FIFA became like climbing Mt. Everest. There have been few games that have helped me massively like Firewatch which I played straight through, for five hours, it was fantastic. I laughed and I cried through it and still to this day I can’t get over the fact we don’t get to meet Delilah. Another game I played and got really interested in was Life is Strange, but aside from these rare games I struggled to get back in the grind of gaming hard….

This was until we got that first look of the Nintendo Switch on October 20th 2016.


Strange things are happening as the light fades

The first look blew my mind, I didn’t know what I was seeing but I loved every single second of it. The idea behind it was just fascinating, being able to seamlessly playing handheld and then dock it instantly without any issues was a dream we never imagined coming true. The 3rd of March 2017 slowly came round and I got my Nintendo Switch and it was everything you could want and more. I was in a bad place in life and I won’t bore you with the details but it was a dark hole that I never thought I would get out but BOTW was a game that changed my life for the better, it is a beautiful game that truly deserved the GOTY award. I shut the door, turned off the lights and got under the covers and was there for hours upon hours each day, It truly made me forget about the things going on in my head and I could truly zone out and escape reality and since BOTW more and more games helped me get out the dark place I was stuck in. Golf Story was another game that had a good impact on me, I played this game for about 7 hours straight and again it was beautiful and the story was outstanding, it was another game I could play and forget the real world. A Night in the Woods was a game that really helped me, I could somewhat relate to Mae Borowski in her story and comparing it to mine was surreal. I loved everything from the art style to the story to the soundtrack and I played this in bed constantly. Now as of writing this another game has come out called Octopath Traveller that I think is another game I can sink many hours in to and zone out from the dark place I am still in.

In all gaming has truly helped me escape the dark deep thoughts going on in my head and has helped me forget my issues for the hours I play them, it has always encouraged me to get professional help and talk about what is going on in my head, gaming sometimes gets a bad reputation in the media but for me personally it has saved my life.


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  1. Glad to hear it’s helped you pal. Gaming helps me escape to somewhere calm too. Firewatch was great for that.

    All the best with life and your gaming adventures!


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