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Deep Space – Xbox One

Bigger Bugs Than Starship Troopers:

Let me first address a huge issue I came across when first playing this game. I’m not sure whether it’s because Deep Space hasn’t been fully optimised for Xbox One use or whether it’s a bug that hasn’t been addressed yet but in the tutorial, you are told to ‘press B’ to shoot. While this does work, it fires an endless stream of bullets and also pauses the game. Essentially, trying to press B to fire as suggested pauses the game every single time you press it, making the game relatively impossible to play. However, I managed to find the best way around this was to completely disregard the tutorial and press the right trigger instead – this seems to fix the issue.

BUG-Studio released this 8-bit Metroid style platformer primarily for the PC in May 2018 and while most 8-bit games pay homage to their 80’s and 90’s counterparts, this one does try to be different. The story of Deep Space is set in the distant future, your protagonist is part of ‘DeTeam’ which as far as I can make out are a team of scientists. I’d be able to pull more info but the translations weren’t fantastic.


DEEP SPACE – a new game from BUG-Studio representing hardcore-endless Sci-fi platformer

The thing that is special about this game is the ever-changing levels. Levels don’t stay the same after progressing/dying/starting a new playthrough. This is a pretty cool game mechanic that stops the game from becoming too repetitive and adds to the replayability of it. No two levels are the same, though some are similar. Another issue I did come across was the not being able to leave the pod and get to the starting point after death, though I did log a support ticket and the team said they were looking into it.


Final Words:

While the controls can be a little clunky for an Xbox One player, they are less clunky on the PC. It’s overall an ok game but definitely needs more work to be fully optimised for Xbox. The game devs over at BUG-Studios seem like they have good heads on their shoulders but the game still needs work too, well, make it work.


Beard Score 4/10

Genre: Action, Adventure
Players: 1
Publisher: BUG-studio
Release: 05/08/2018 (Console)
Format: Steam, Mobile, Xbox One

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