Star Wars open world game?

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According to a recent posting on EA’s own job site, we can expect a new open world Star Wars game in the not too distant future. EA advertised a vacancy for someone to ‘lead a team to deliver online features for an open world Star Wars project’. Well, there’s no guess-work needed here!

Although this is great news, it should be dealt with caution if EA’s previous Star Wars adventures are to go by, especially the recent battlefront 2. This game was surrounded with controversy with accusations of ‘encouraging gambling’ and ‘ripping off consumers’ with loot crates and microtransactions. These factors killed the online fun for anyone who didn’t want to pump money into the game in order to ‘level up’ their character, thus leaving gamers disillusioned.

The actual game mechanics and graphics were pretty good, but the issues mentioned seriously put gamers off, and EA has a history of treating gamers with contempt. I just hope EA will learn from their mistakes and produce a Star Wars game is fans deserve. Can they? Yes. Will they? Doubtful. What do you think?

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