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Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes – PlayStation Vita Review

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Lego Batman 2
Release 22/06/2012
PSVita version tested
Review code provided

It’s not the game we deserve, but its the one we have right now…

For what must be coming close to ten years now we have all been playing the same basic Lego game in various guises, which isn’t a bad thing but this formula is getting a little stale. So why have I parted with my money once again, well on this occasion Batman returns and every boy wants to be the bat.

The addition of voice acting really didn’t appeal to me as after hearing Batman rasp at Robin in the intro the novelty was gone and rest of the game was played on mute.


The campaign mode can be cleared within a few hours leaving the task of grinding out those in-game bonuses, character unlocks and all-important trophies. We all know the deal by now bricks mean prizes!


Final Words:

The Justice League missions are a chore and once they have been accomplished I cannot find a reason to ever play this game again.



TBG Score: 4/10

psspacerGenre: Action, Adventure
Players: 1
Publisher: Warner Bros.
Release: 22/06/2012
Format: PSVitapsspacer

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