Journey – PlayStation 3 Review

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Release 13/03/2012
PS3 version tested
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Thatgamecompany have created something genuinely special with their latest offering Journey. It is honestly a masterpiece in every possible way, part game, part art and a whole lot of emotional experiences.

Visually this is not only one of the best looking PSN games but one of the best looking PS3 games ever created. The soundtrack is beautiful and moving, enhancing the experience at every opportunity and this is all held together with a solid control system. Simply everything about this game is spot on.


Journey is centred around a robed figure who’s aim is to reach the top of a mysterious mountain by traversing a vast desert. Along the way pieces of material can be collected to extend a magical scarf, which when charged allows the character to briefly fly. With each level completed, you get closer to your goal and within 3 or 4 hours the top of the mountain can be reached.


The games multiplayer element brings a refreshing twist, a second player can join your adventure, they remain anonymous and the only form of communication is a wordless shout. It sometimes forms a single-use friendship with a level of trust and respect in which you feel it only right to see the game finished together.


Final Words:

If you, like me, are getting tired of the same old yearly updated franchises like FIFA and COD why not try something a little different. Journey is the reason I still like to play games.



TBG Score: 10/10

psspacerGenre: Adventure
Players: 1
Publisher: thatgamecompany
Release: 13/03/2012 (PS3)
Format: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4psspacer


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