Review – The Fall (Nintendo Switch)

Over the Moon games bring their 2014 platformer game, The Fall, to Nintendo Switch. It is the first story in what they set out to be a mind bending trilogy! To date we have been treated one of its sequels, aptly named The Fall Part 2: Unbound, which was released earlier this year. Both games have... Continue Reading →


Why has the Switch been selling so well?

On 3rd March 2017, Nintendo launched its new console, the Nintendo Switch. The Switch itself has been more than we expected, selling millions within its first year; and already surpassing the Wii U within months. But how has it managed to sell so well? One thing which Reggie himself spoke about last month was Marketing.... Continue Reading →

Review – 20XX (Nintendo Switch)

Picture Mega Man X in a faster, more imaginative, roguelike game and you have 20XX. Before the game begins you have the option to scout upgrades for later purchase (in-game collectibles, not money), daily/weekly challenges that include an online ranking system, boss rush runs and a seeded challenge. 'Seeded' means you choose which handicaps are... Continue Reading →

Review – Yuso (Nintendo Switch)

Yuso is an all new puzzle game from developer and publisher Vertical Reach releasing on Steam, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. Vertical Reach is a small independent team based in sunny Portugal and have had the pleasure of winning “Best Children’s Game” two years running in the PlayStation Premios contest with their previous titles. In Yuso... Continue Reading →

Fortnite – Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo fans have been embracing Fortnite - Battle Royale for nearly a month now, and I thought I would share some experiences about the game on this format. There cant be many people on the planet who have not heard or, or know what Fortnite is. Kids and grown ups love it, parents and teachers... Continue Reading →

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