Review – Soccer Slammers (Nintendo Switch)

With World Cup hype reaching fever pitch we see the release of Soccer Slammers on Nintendo Switch. The game is pitched as an arcade football title from developer and publisher Atooi who boast retro roots with a modern mojo. Atooi is the latest project fronted by Jools Watsham, of Renegade Kid fame, so I couldn't be happier to test this... Continue Reading →

Pokemon – Gotta catch ‘em all

I love the Pokemon series, this is a simple statement of fact. I bought a Game Boy Color at some point in 1999 after I’d started working for Electronics Boutique (which would later become Game) and Pokemon Blue was one of the first games I got on the system. I think it was largely because... Continue Reading →

Review – Riddled Corpses EX (Xbox One)

Riddled Corpses EX is a twin-stick shooter from French developer COWCAT and is now available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One. The game previously was simply known as Riddled Corpses when it released on the Steam platform back in 2015. We got to test out the Xbox One version for our review.... Continue Reading →

E3 2018: Notes of a man child

Well the announcements are done and dusted now and overall I’d say it’s been an underwhelming conference this year. I think this was due to a lack of any true surprises as it seems like a lot of stuff got leaked in advance this year where that isn’t always the case. I also feel like... Continue Reading →

E3 2018: Because F*ck Nazis

So before I go into my opinions on each major event at this year's E3, let's bring up the white elephant in the room. My username. Ben.tendo. Sounds a bit biased don't it. And yeah, I have a Hyrulian shield on my wallet. I do own the majority of the Smash Bros Amiibo figures. And... Continue Reading →

E3 2018: The views of a miserable old f*cker

Electronic Arts As usual a diabolical showing from the worlds biggest game publisher, maybe it’s me but nothing they showed appealed and regardless of the content their delivery was again, as is expected from EA, flat and amateurish. Command and Conquer on mobile, a game no one asked for, or wanted. Microsoft Games, games and... Continue Reading →

Review – Deep Space (Xbox One)

Bigger Bugs Than Starship Troopers: Let me first address a huge issue I came across when first playing this game. I'm not sure whether it's because Deep Space hasn't been fully optimised for Xbox One use or whether it's a bug that hasn't been addressed yet but in the tutorial you are told to 'press... Continue Reading →

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